Should Sugar Be Regulated like Alcohol and Tobacco? | Healthland |

A few years ago I started a business called The Nostalgic Baker.  My intention was to develop recipes and use organic ingredients.  I thought I was making healthier sweets.  As this article states, I thought the sugar was just empty calories.

In an opinion piece called “The Toxic Truth About Sugar” that was published Feb. 1 in the journal Nature, Robert Lustig, Laura Schmidt and Claire Brindis argue that it’s a misnomer to consider sugar just “empty calories.” They write: “There is nothing empty about these calories. A growing body of scientific evidence is showing that fructose can trigger processes that lead to liver toxicity and a host of other chronic diseases. A little is not a problem, but a lot kills — slowly.”

Just about the same time this article came out my husband and I did a detox cleanse.  I began to see the impact that sugar had been having on me, lethargy, mood swings, hot flashes.  I have been sugar free since I did the cleanse and I decided to close my business.  If my mission is about wellness how can I promote something that has health risks?  I think this article is worth reading.  I have a son who is almost 6 years old.  I want to have him in the best health possible.  I don’t deny him sugar because I think deprivation leads to other problems.  But I do try to make watermelon as attractive as ice cream (in our case soy ice cream) sandwiches.

Should Sugar Be Regulated like Alcohol and Tobacco? | Healthland |

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