Healthy Food: 50 Of The Best In The World

I will be writing a lot about foods we shouldn’t eat so it’s nice to have a piece about foods we should be eating.  That being said, I have a few caveats to this list.  There are foods that while they have health benefits, also offer problems.  They are the following;

  • Red Pepper and Tomatoes.  While these foods definitely offer health benefits they can cause an allergy in some people.  After I did my cleanse I discovered that I had a negative reaction to nightshade vegetables – peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes.
  • Blueberries.  I know that sounds weird but blueberries were recently found to have high levels of pesticides in the skin.  So buy organic or if you can’t wash them well with a vegie wash designed to remove pesticides.
  • Coffee. No doubt here that caffeine in coffee is a cause for debate.  Here’s an interesting take of coffee and caffeine.
  • Edamame.  For a long time I thought of edamame as a super food but there is cause for caution.  Overeating soy can effect hormones and Genetically Modified soybeans have there own issues.  Form more information click here.
  • Eggs.  After my cleanse I discovered that I was also allergic to eggs.  Eggs can be a great source of protein if you buy organic, free range eggs.  There is research now that distinguishes between free range animals that eat a natural diet and caged animals that eat processed foods.  It’s the differences between healthy fats and heart disease.  For more on eggs click here.
  • Greek yogurt, kaffir & low fat milk.  Milk is one of those controversial foods.  Some think it’s the bomb and others a dietary evil.  I am now 99.5% dairy free.  A few times a month I will sprinkle a little (less than an ounce) cheese on a salad.  I choose a raw sheep or goat cheese which is less processed and easier to digest. Though pregnant women should not eat raw milk cheese.  For me, the health benefits are not worth the cons. I will expound on dairy in another post and link it here.
  • Salmon – This is one of my favorite foods but I’ve recently become aware of the risks associated with farmed salmon.  They are finding large numbers of cancer causing contaminants in farmed salmon, as well as some that cause neurological problems.  The solution is to buy wild caught salmon.  I know it’s not as fatty and therefore not at moist but that’s the price we pay for health.  I bake my wild caught salmon in a 400 degree oven for 8 to 12 minutes depending on the thickness.  Don’t over cook it or will be dry, dry, dry.
  • Water.  Ah water. The best thing you can give your body.  Unless it’s bottled water.  Not only is bottled water crazy bad for the environment, it can be bad for you.  No matter how pure the spring is, once your water has been sitting in a hot warehouse the water is contaminated from the plastic.  Tap water is equally problematic with rust, minerals and prescription drugs (don’t throw your unused medication down the drain, take them to you pharmacist who will dispose of them properly.)  The solution is to buy a water filter and some portable stainless steel bottles.  I like the filter that goes on my tap because then I can use the water for cooking too.

To see all 50 healthiest foods follow the link below.

Healthy Food: 50 Of The Best In The World.

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