Wrestling Perfectionism

No one would ever accuse me of being a type A  personality.  I trend toward sloth and gluttony so trying to live a more aware life has it’s challenges.  I find myself desiring to be disciplined, ecologically pure and healthy in every facet but that is not my reality.  I am hoping with this blog, to make these aspirations easier for me and people who will read along with me.  I was talking to my sister the other day and she said, “I looked at your blog.  It’s too (wrinkled nose), you know.  I can’t do that.”  I think we all feel that way.  I can’t synthesize all this information.  I can’t let go of my coffee or sugar or cheese.  I can’t get myself to the gym when I have all these kids or all this work.  I think we all wrestle perfectionism and feel like we always on the losing end of it.

But my feeling is that if have the information that food coloring is bad for our kids we can make a choice about that.  My birthday was yesterday and my son had a mini cupcake with sprinkles.  I groaned a little at his consumption of sugar and food dye but it was my birthday.  Today and tomorrow we will be free of those things.  Don’t ask me about Tuesday because I don’t know.  So I hope that those of you who look at this blog will understand that it is not meant to make anyone feel that they are not doing enough.  My hope is this blog will be aspirational and helpful and informative.

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