Muhammara Recipe at

I’m always looking for healthy recipes that don’t taste healthy but just taste good.  There are plenty of healthy dishes that leaving me feeling virtuous but don’t leave me wanting more.  This isn’t one of them.  And did I mention that it’s fast and easy? Muhammara is a spread/dip made from roasted red peppers (beta carotene), walnuts (omega3 fatty acid) and pomegranate molasses (anti-oxidant).  I really recommend finding the pomegranate molasses.  It adds a depth of flavor that is unique.  I buy it at Whole Foods.  I’ve also found it at an ethnic market that carries Middle Eastern foods.  I’ve also made it buy simmering pure pomegranate juice (no sugar added) over a low heat until it becomes the texture of maple syrup.  The time depends on the amount of juice you start with.  You want to reduce at least a cup.  Stir occasionally.  Just be careful not to scorch it.  If finding pomegranate molasses becomes more than you are willing to do, I recommend balsamic vinegar as a substitute over lemon juice.

Muhammara Recipe at

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