In a Perfect World

I was walking my dog this morning and thinking about my relationship to my microwave oven.  I know there are growing reasons for me to let go of it but I’m just not ready.  I’ve let go of sugar and dairy and my beloved black tea and let’s face it, I’m lazy.  When I think of alternative ways of heating food they always involve time and pans which means washing dishes.  I found myself thinking that in a perfect world we would all be buying farm fresh produce every day and not reheating anything.  But the world is far from perfect and most of us are busy, tired and looking for ease of use.  And then I realized that I wanted this blog to help readers get informed and healthier in a manageable way.  I admire the very disciplined people who grow their own food and cook in solar ovens.  But I’m not one them.  And I find I do better if I make small changes, one at a time, so I don’t become overwhelmed.  So if I was just starting out of this processes of making my home healthier for me a my kids what are some reasonably easy things I would do.

  1. Buy as much organic food as I can afford. When I started buying better food our bill went up by 30%.  That’s significant.  But on the positive side, we’ve been sick less often so not as many doctor co-pays.
  2. Eliminate 98% of sugar in my house.  There is increasing evidence that sugar plays a huge role in inflammation which leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and arthritis.  And sugar/high fructose corn syrup is in everything, i.e.; cereal, bread, crackers, condiments, sodas, and of course sweets.  I said 98% percent because I think rigid eating leads to eating disorders.  I allow my son one sweet thing a day but I also make sure we have lots of fruit and that fruit is as appealing as ice cream.
  3. Reduce dairy by finding dairy substitutes.  I used to cook with dairy almost every day.  Everything was laden with cheese.  Currently I eat dairy a few times a month and it’s usually an ounce of cheese sprinkled on a salad.  Reducing dairy eliminated the mucus that all of us we’re having all the time.  My son loves almond milk on his cereal and eats coconut milk ice cream.  Almond milk and coconut milk are readily available in regular grocery stores. Beware of soy milk.  It contains hormones which are not good for children in large doses and brands like Silk are made with genetically modified soy beans.

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