What Is a Propitious Home?

It was challenging finding an adjective that would sum up in one little word the intention of my blog.  I have spent my adult life (all thirty-two years of it) trying to live a more well life.  It has been an imperfect, inelegant and sometimes excruciatingly slow journey.  But I want to write about it.  So here are some words that came to mind while thinking of a name for my blog;

  • Healthy (I’m not a doctor, nurse or nutritionist so healthy would be misleading.  I also want the blog to encompass things more than just health.)
  • Detox (Though I recently did a detox cleanse and am trying to continually detox my home the word is too associated with substance addiction and again misleading.)
  • Green or Eco (Becoming more ecologically conscious is part of the journey for sure but I am not an expert, just a bumbler.)
  • Clean (Anyone who’s been to my house knows that I am one of the worst housekeepers ever so “clean” would definitely be false advertising.)

Anyway, you get the gist.  I am (in two weeks) a 50 year-old woman who wants keep a home that offers healthy food and lifestyle, is free of toxic paints, cleansers, shampoos, etc. , where we practice recycling and conservation and where the result is a clean body, mind and spirit.  AND I want to do it in the easiest, gentlest, least compulsive way possible.  So what is the word that would describe this pursuit?

For that I went to the thesaurus.  I plugged in all the above words and found myself on a semantic treasure hunt, each word leading to new words, eventually leading to propitious.  I was not familiar with the word but it was the right word.  The definition is above but the synonyms nailed it; advantageous, auspicious, beneficial, brave, bright, encouraging, favoring, fortunate, happy, hopeful, lucky, opportune, promising, prosperous, rosy, seasonable, timely, useful, well-timed.  I am hoping that my blog will encompass all those words.  Here’s to helping you create your own propitious home.


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