Can You Live Without Plastic?

Plastic is a big worry for me both from a health and ecological point of view.  Plastics give off fumes, can leach chemicals into your food and water, can pose a serious health risk for birds and animals (they eat it and choke or get it caught in their intestines), doesn’t easily degrade in landfills and uses petroleum and a lot of energy in manufacturing.  But plastic is ubiquitous.  Every week my recycle bin is overflowing with plastic bottles and packaging.

A woman named Beth Terry believes we can live without plastic and tells us how to do it in her blog My Plastic-free LifeSome of her suggestions would take some real commitment like taking your own non-plastic containers to the deli counter.  But others, like carrying your own shopping bags and using a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic, are easy to do.  If you are as perplexed about plastic as I am, Ms. Terry’s Plastic-free Guide is very helpful