Can Sugar Make You Sexy?

My mother taught me how to wax my legs when I was a teenager.  And thanks mom, because waxing is long lasting and stubble-free.  Back when my mom would wax my legs (in the late ’70’s) Zip beeswax was about the only product available for the home.  My mom had an electric burner and a double boiler in which she would melt the beeswax.  It was messy and once the wax hardened it was impossible to get off.  And of course there is the occasional burn.  But as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”

Not anymore.  There are a myriad of hair removal products on the market now.  I recently discovered a sugar-based product that works just like waxing but is water soluble.  Apparently the process is called “sugaring” and has been around for centuries.  A syrup is made from sugar, water and and acid like lemon juice or vinegar.  It is spread on the hair, and a cloth strip is applied over the hair and then pulled to remove the hair.  The process is exactly the same as waxing, only the product is different.  I like that it is all natural, water-soluble and the muslin strips can be washed and reused (ecological).  You can purchase a product like I did or you can make your own. has an article on everything you need to know about sugaring.  And if you decide that sugaring is not for you, you can add a little heavy cream to your syrup and you’ll have caramel sauce!