Do Your Kids Eat Their Vegetables?

About 8 months ago I radically changed the way I eat.  I no longer eat dairy, wheat and sugar and I try to limit all processed grains.  There is a lot of medical evidence that grains are making us fat, tired and inflamed and that inflammation is the root of almost all disease.  So the question is “How do I turn my diet of mostly vegetables, organic proteins and nuts and seeds into something my 6 year old son will eat?”  Today my son ate bread at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This is distressing to me and I’m sure all that glucose flooding his bloodstream is having a negative impact on his energy, his attention and his sleep.  The problem is he’s very picky and inconsistent about eating vegetables.

I went online and googled “How to get kids to eat vegetables.”  I read a few articles that suggested burying broccoli in cheese sauce or giving the vegetables cute names.  I was not encouraged.  Then I came upon an article in Psychology Today that discusses a study where children were bribed to eat their vegetables.  All I can say is I’m heading to Party City tomorrow to create a bribe-a-palooza grab bag.  Click the link for the full article.

2 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables (That Actually Work) | Psychology Today.